Zentrum für Telematik e.V.

In an independent and competent manner, Zentrum für Telematik e.V. informs the industry about opportunities for the use of telematics technologies. ZfT offers the industry especially support during the development of innovative products and services. The applications are focused on remote maintenance and remote commissioning of industrial systems, safety monitoring, support of unskilled workers in hazardous situations, telemedicine, tele-learning and traffic control.

By integrating the core competencies of automation, man-machine interface, telecommunication and system integration, Zentrum für Telematik e.V. can develop general recommendations and guidelines for the proposed application area and can provide consultations for the industry independent of special products. Current research results will be transferred directly into commercial applications through demonstration systems, test environments and training. On the other hand, it also enables the transfer of requirements and needs from the individual application areas back to research. This results in a goal oriented advance of the development in the area of integrated and interactive remote control, remote maintenance and remote diagnosis systems.